about me


About Me

My Name is Matthias Schiller.

I build several things for the Computergame

Train Simulator from Dovetail Games


These are:

- Routes

- several Assets


My favourite era is the Epoch III / IV of the Deutsche Bundesbahn

and Rural Routes.

This is also reflected in my routes




Yet i have build the route "Rodachtalbahn" which is a detailed Rebuild of the real museums railroad. The route goes from Steinwiesen to Nordhalben and in the real there drives a "Schienenbus"


Actual i have released the "Plus" Version of the route which is much bigger and that includes also fictious parts .


If you want to support me in my projects, I would appreciate a small donation from you.



So I can, for example, entertain this page and get literature.


For all donations already a big thank you from me.

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