A Set of German DB station clocks


New in 1.1: Night glow

New in 1.2:Snow for Winter, one more black version



Readme (german)

German H/V Compact signals Ver. 1.1


In the Set are



-Main locking signals

-different SH signals

-different Masts and signal bridges



For these signals are needed the Freeware Skript-Module and Signal-Trigger from Schuster!




Readme (german)

A Set of different Trees and bushes


22 different 3D bushes

32 different 3D deciduous trees

36 different 3D spruces and firs

5 different 2,5D spruces (Planes with shadows)

6 different 2D spruces

10 different 3D ferns, flowers and weed (with and without shadow)


Readme (german)

A Set of different Houses


6 Houses with different Roof and Plaster textures


Readme (german)

A Set of different walls, hedges and fences


-5 hedges

-5 brick walls

-8 concrete walls

-11 wodden fences


Readme (german)

Simplified lightsignals for branch lines (DB) incl. Lf3 - Lf7 signs


That the signals will work you also need the Freewarescripts of Schuster which you can find here: DOWNLOAD


Readme (German)

SBS Railset V 1.0


Umfangreiches Schienenset.

Included are 172 different Variants:

-wooden sleeper bright and dark

-concrete sleeper bright and dark

-steel sleeper bright and darkl (single and double sleeper)


-4 different ballasts

-3 different rail conditions


-3 different railroad crossings as rail-variant (works also with super-elevation)


-guard rails 3 Variants


-ballast single all 4 variants


Readme SBS Schienenset V 1.0 (German)

Derailer set 1.0


Different german derailers with signal function


Many thanks to Schuster for the Script and StS for testing and the demotrack


Readme (German)

Switch lantern Set 2.0

Update: 23.07.2016


Different Lanterns for switches


New in Version 2.0:

-EOW signals + accessoires

-electric junction motors + accessoires

-switch back junction lantern


Readme (German)


Hektometersteinset 2.0


Different mileposts for mainlines and branchlines



150 different mileposts


BUE Schilderset 1.1


Different level crossing announcement signs





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So I can, for example, entertain this page and get literature.


For all donations already a big thank you from me.

Soccer field


A simple soccer field with winter texture

SBS Stations 1.1


Old station of branch lines bavarian style in a left and right version

Delineators 1.1


delineators as single object and Loftobject

Passenger bridge 1.2


Passenger bridge kit, different Setteile to build an passenger bridge

Sign Private Crossing


A sign as it can be found at private crossings.

Road Signs


Different German Road Signs

Playground Stuff


Different Playground Stuff

Partition grille


A simple partition grille, for example, for crossings

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