Rodachtalbahn Plus (Nebenbahnen Oberfranken)

A little explanation about my path:

Originally I wanted to reconstruct only the museum train "Rodach Valley Railway" because here the railcar travels in museum operations. This is I think quite well (The track can be downloaded here)


However, I then had tasted blood and wanted "more" build. My first thought was to expand the range to just after Kronach that existed in the original once. After I bought the book "The Rodach Valley Railway" But it occurred to me, "Why not think little bigger?".


This book describes it around the turn of the century (1900!) Planned / desired, the track was to also bind to Hof. Therefore 2 versions were planned, which I will implement both fictional in my path.

Once it was the combination of Dürrenwaid after Marxgrün and the 2nd variant was from Wallenfels to Schwarzenbach am Wald.


If this had really happened, some municipalities have developed quite differently, which is why I no 1: 1 implementation and make me think up a few things only.


But long story short, here is the route plan:



You will get 5 branch lines:


1. Kronach – Nordhalben - 24,9 km (KBS: ex829)

(real – today only Steinwiesen – Nordhalben als Island operation)


2. Hof – Bad Steben – 27,0 km (KBS: 857)

(real – today in business)


3. Naila – Schwarzenbach am Wald – 9,9 km (KBS: 838)

(till 1994 – in Original rebuilt)


4. Marxgrün – Dürrenwaid – 24 km

(fictive – planned Variant 1 around 1900)


5. Wallenfels – Schwarzenbach a Wald – 20 km

(fictive – planned Variant 2 around 1900)


4. and 5. you can read in the book: "Die Rodachtalbahn - Geschichte der Lokalbahn von Kronach nach Nordhalben" available here:


In complete you can explore 105,8 km with 29 stopping points and many industrial connections.



Stopping points following branch lines:


Line Kronach – Nordhalben:

Kronach – Höfles – Unterrodach – Zeyern – Wallenfels (Tal) – Steinwiesen – Mauthaus – Dürrenwaid (Tal) – Nordhalben


Line Hof – Bad Steben:

Hof Hbf – Hof Neuhof – Köditz – Stegenwaldhaus – Rothenbürg – Selbitz – Naila – Oberklingensporn – Marxgrün – Höllenthal – Bad Steben


Line Naila – Schwarzenbach am Wald:

Naila – Schottenhammer – Marlesreuth – Culmitz – Döbra – Schwarzenbach a Wald


Line Marxgrün – Dürrenwaid:

Marxgrün – Bobengrün – Geroldsgrün – Dürrenwaid (Berg) – Dürrenwaid (Tal)


Line Wallenfels – Schwarzenbach am Wald:

Wallenfels (Tal) – Wallenfels (Stadt) – Schnappenhammer – Fels – Schwarzenbach am Wald

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