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Rodachtalbahn Plus

Version 1.06

Rodachtalbahn Plus - Nebenbahnen Oberfrankens.


– enormous and detailed build rail network

– self build rails in many variants

– self build "Nebenbahn" light signals (based ond Scripts of Schuster)

– self build Junction lanterns in many variants

– self build terrain textures

– Original Trainstation buildings in Hof build from „ice“

– Original Trainstation building on different stations build by me (for example Nordhalben,

Naila, Steinwiesen)

– self build Hectometer stones after Original measures

– hundreds of self build Assets

– Engine House in Hof with manuell to open doors

– over 1000 hours of building time!


The big version of the Rodachtalbahn


Version 1.06


Update Version 1.06 to 1.07


Important: First you must install Version 1.06 and afterwards you must install the Update over it.


Readme German



Replica of the real heritage railway in Rodachtal

There are also various additional assets needed. You will find all the necessary links in the readme file


Changelog version 1.1:

- Different providers deactivated and replaced by own objects.

- Trees optimized frame rate should be better.

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